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We outline great ways to care for your air duct

Here we have collected a range of tips that we hope will help you care for your air duct and HVAC systems. Follow our advice to keep your equipment working effectively. If your unit gets dirty it will develop further air quality issues for you.

Listen for odd noises while the air is running

Your ducts may eventually break at some point and require repairs, and the best way to tell if this is the case is by paying attention to any unusual sounds while the air is going. They can be caused by air escaping through a break in the duct, or the duct itself rattling from the air coming through and disturbing it. A duct in disrepair means excess energy spending thanks to disrupting air flow, so it's best to get it fixed.

Note any strange smells near vents

A foul odor coming from your vents could mean any number of things, but all of them important to get taken care of ASAP. If it smells like mildew it may mean that moisture has gotten into your ducts and encouraged mold to begin to grow. Not only will it damage the home overall, but it's spores are dangerous. A nasty smell might also mean that you have pests in your duct, and in either case you may want sanitization along with a cleaning.

Heavily damaged air ducts should be replaced without delay

Sometimes, homeowners ask for air duct cleaning only to discover that some sections of the ductwork are in such bad shape that they have to be replaced. Very often, the damage is the result of water and mold, but pests could be responsible as well. In general, to prevent the worst possible situation, it is best to have more frequent inspection and cleaning.


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