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Our latest projects best reflect our commitment to the highest level of quality provided through our air duct cleaning services. Have a look below at some of the previous jobs we took on!

Air Duct Cleaning | Fernbrook | Air Duct Cleaning Poway

Air Duct Cleaning

Customer Issue: Mr. Larson had noted that his energy bill seemed to be rising, and felt that cleaning out his air ducts may help.
Our Solution: Mr. Larson’s air duct indeed had clogs of dust and other materials that had built up over the years that likely had been slowing down the airflow and costing him energy. Our professionals used professional tools to loosen the blockages from the interior of the duct, then suck them up safely to completely clear out the area.

Evan Larson - Fernbrook
Dryer Vent Cleaning Near Ramona | Air Duct Cleaning Poway

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Customer Issue: Mr. Gustoldr’s hotel branch was due for a regularly scheduled dryer vent cleaning appointment.
Our Solution: Three vent tubes had to come out and receive a thorough internal washing with our air hoses and flexible brushes, whips, and mops, and a good volume of lint cleaned up from the other ends. Our project finished up with each dryer port getting a good cleaning before the ducts reconnected.

Harrold Gustoldr - Ramona
Commercial Duct Cleaning Near Ramona | Air Duct Cleaning Poway

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Customer Issue: The customer’s hardware assembly and repair outfit was getting dusty when the HVAC ran, and the filter was freshly replaced.
Our Solution: This complicated operation took some hours. Multiple vents had to be removed and great efforts were taken to insert our air hoses around every corner and turn of the complicated duct system. Ultimately, our efforts covered the whole interior, and the ventilation drastically improved.

Bianca Sivertson - Ramona
Air Duct Repair Near Del Dios | Air Duct Cleaning Poway

Air Duct Repair

Customer Issue: One of the rooms in the house was difficult to heat and felt cold even with the heater on high temperatures.
Our Solution: Our technicians turned on the furnace and located the ducts leading to the problematic room, feeling along the sides until they located the tear where the heat was escaping. An aluminum foil faced tape was used to seal the leak.

Donald Berger - Del Dios
Vent Cleaning Near Ramona | Air Duct Cleaning Poway

Vent Cleaning

Customer Issue: The customer felt that regular vacuuming was not enough to remove the dust from the vents throughout the house.
Our Solution: After removing the vents and the registers, our team used a special brush to remove the dirt, and a commercial solution to clean the remaining grime. They vacuumed the top of the ducts and the ceiling registers, before re-attaching everything back.

Christopher Bennett - Ramona
Dryer Vent Cleaning Near Fernbrook | Air Duct Cleaning Poway

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Customer Issue: The dryer duct was clogged and was slowing down the drying process.
Our Solution: Using an industrial blower and a rod and brush set, our technicians cleaned the dryer duct thoroughly, accessing it both from the inside of the house and the outside. The also cleaned the floor and the wall behind the dryer, and vacuumed the lint screen and trap.

Charles Bell - Fernbrook
Vent Replacement Project | Air Duct Cleaning Poway, CA

Vent Replacement

Customer Issue: Dryer vent in poor state with holes in it.
Our Solution: We concluded that cleaning the vent would not suffice as the material was unserviceable. We replaced the vent with a new, more rigid unit and added a hooded cap for extra protection and efficiency.

Connie Toliver - Poway
Air Duct Cleaning Project | Air Duct Cleaning Poway, CA

Air Duct Cleaning

Customer Issue: Dirty air ducts.
Our Solution: We inspected all three key components of Ms. Hayley’s HVAC system and got straight to work. After cleaning all areas with advanced tools, we also replaced the air filter to maximize the system’s efficiency and ensure the client’s satisfaction.

Hayley Booker - Ramona
Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Project | Air Duct Cleaning Poway, CA

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Customer Issue: Greasy Kitchen Exhaust Hood.
Our Solution: Our process included thorough cleaning of the hoods, fans and filters of the kitchen exhaust system. We used hot, pressurized water to clean everything. Mr. Zank was happy with our prompt and efficient service.

Billy Zank - Poway

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